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The War on Yoga Pants Is Stupid

There are lawmakers all across our country trying to put a ban on the tight fitted, somewhat revealing stretchy pants that seem to be everywhere!


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Seahawks’ Workouts: Shhhhh, We’re Training

It’s been a time-honored tradition amongst the best of history’s football coaches: Be a Hard-Ass. But does grueling, grinding, mentally exhausting, ridicule-filled practices featuring footballs chucked from coach to players’ heads make for a happy […]


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Goats Really Love Yoga Balls [VIDEO]

Goats demonstrate the proper use of a yoga ball for our entertainment.



Lululemon’s See-Through Yoga Pants: The Saga Continues

Lululemon says its chief product officer is leaving as the company updated the production problems it has had that rendered some of its pants see-through. The Canadian yoga wear maker says Chief Product Officer Sheree […]


Namaste… Wesley Snipes is Teaching Yoga In Prison

Wesley Snipes is making good use of his time in prison, by teaching yoga to his fellow white-collar inmates.