Woodland Park Zoo

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Seattle Easter Egg Hunt Goes Horribly Wrong (Mom V Mom Cat Fight)

SEATTLE (AP) – One of usually peaceful springtime rituals of childhood – the Easter egg hunt – turned nasty at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Blame the moms. A statement on the Seattle Police Department […]


Today In "Awwwwwww So Cute!!!"

Say what you will about house cats (okay, “I love them but I never want to own one, plus dogs are better”), but big cats are one of the greatest things on Earth. Another of […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 99

It’s quite frequently said – we assume in a loving way – that Marty and Jodi don’t know s&#%!!!  (But really does it warrant three exclamations?) Turns out to be true, they don’t know S%$&, […]


R.I.P Gertie

Woodland Park Zoo’s longest resident, Gertie the hippo was put to sleep Wednesday. The 47 year old hippo was suffering from age-related osteoarthritis and despite medication, had a difficult time getting around, according to a […]



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