Wonder Woman

Somebody very cool made this on Facebook. Thank you.

Crap We Loooooooove On Facebook

Girlfriend takes no crap. We love our Ms Linda as Ms Wonderwoman. You’re about to go to our Facebook page, give us a big wet LIKE while you’re there.


7 Seconds Of Wonder Woman

Wondering what you are missing of the Wonder Woman television series that may never see the light of day? We’ve got a whole 7 seconds for you.


NBC Drops Wonder Woman

What’s that sound? It’s the world’s nerds collectively weeping.


Wonder Woman In Action

We have all seen the pictures of the new (and newer) Wonder Woman costumes. Now, thanks to the beauty of YouTube, we can see the beautiful Adrianne Palicki in action in her hot new outfit.


NBC Picks Up Wonder Woman

For many months David E Kelley’s version of Wonder Woman has been passed on by every major studio. But now it looks as if Diana Prince will come to NBC.