Spencer Platt
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Tasered Woman Grabs A Handful Of Nuts [Video]

Ever been tasered? Neither had this young woman. Obviously this was a training exercise, but where in the military handbook does it say to beware of the involuntary nut-grabbing reflex? It’s amazing how well the […]


VIDEO Woman Gets Facebook Tattoo Of Her Friends Profile Pics

So this woman really loves her Facebook Friends … loves them enough to have there pictures tattooed on her arm. No really…Watch the video.


A Woman Calls 911 . . . To Get Her Boyfriend To Propose

Sorry women, but this doesn’t exactly help debunk the stereotype that you will do whatever it takes to get married.


As Women Get Richer, They Start Looking for an Older, Better Looking Husband

Everyone knows what a trophy wife looks like, but what does a trophy husband look like?  A new study says it’s NOT a young, black-haired European with olive skin, six-pack abs and linen pants, probably […]