(Matthew Peyton/Getty Images for Glenfiddich)

Better Be Damn Good: Whiskey for $29,999

I searched all over the interwebs for something relevant to talk about, something of importance. But on this auspicious day, all I could see was that Tommy Chong danced on TV last night, there’s a […]


A proper pint isn't green. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Newsmakers)

Where To Get Your Irish On

St. Paddy’s day falls on a Saturday this year! Long gone are the days when we’d dump a shot glass of green food coloring into a pitcher of Rainier. You need a proper pint!


A Six-er of Whiskey

After the hospitalization of some Central Washington University Students last year after apparent overconsumption, distribution of the alcoholic version of the energy drink Four Lokos was banned in the US. However, demand for drunken debauchery served […]