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JACK Stash Is Concert STACKED

Alright, everyone. JACK Stash from 8/31-9/6 is all concerts. All. The. Time. Every single prize this week is a pair of tickets to a kick-butt concert. And they’re back to back — one rockin’ day […]


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10 Artists We’d Love to See Lead the ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Band

From Mark Ronson to Weird Al, here’s who we think should take the reins.


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Weird Al’s LIVE Version of “Homer And Marge” [Video]

A few years back, “Weird Al” Yankovic sang a parody of his own parody (Chuck and Diane) of John Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane,” for the Simpson’s TV show. Friday night at the Hollywood Bowl, a […]


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Watch Weird Al Recreate His Video For ‘Tacky’ on Conan

What’s better than Weird Al’s dance-filled video for his Pharrell “Happy” parody, “Tacky”? The polka loving performer recreating it in one shot for Conan O’Brien.


Weird Al (Robert Trachtenberg)

Watch Weird Al Cover Aluminum Foil, the Illuminati in One Fell Swoop with ‘Royals’ Parody ‘Foil’

“Foil,” the third video from Yankovic’s brand new Mandatory Fun, tackles what happens to food after it’s taken home. Oh, and the Illuminati.


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Watch Weird Al Give You a Crash Course in Grammar in ‘Blurred Lines’ Parody ‘Word Crimes’

“Word Crimes,” the new video, doesn’t reference Thicke’s perhaps poor choice of words on the original. Instead, Weird Al is giving a lesson in grammar.


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Jack’s Crazy Christmas Song Countdown, #9 [Video]

9. Weird Al Yankovic – ‘The Night Santa Went Crazy’ It goes without saying that Weird Al would make an appearance on this countdown because all of his songs are a little crazy, right? This […]


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Happy Birthday, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic!

Parodist singer-songwriter, Alfred ‘Weird Al‘ Yankovic turns 54 today (October 23rd)! On one fateful day before his sixth birthday, a door-to-door salesman offered to teach little Alfred accordion lessons, sparking his interest in music. Influenced […]