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Captain Kirk Wants Seattle’s Water Via Pipeline

This is news only because CAPTAIN KIRK and SEATTLE were mentioned in the same sentence. William Shatner grabbed headlines this morning by feigning to solve California’s drought problem. The interviewers in the above video were taking ShatnerWater.org […]


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A Majority Of Americans Are Dehydrated

BOSTON (CBS) – We all know we need extra water in the hot summer months or when we exercise. But experts say if you look around you, the majority of adults you see are probably dehydrated. […]


Robbie Williams Auction

Hilarious Jetpack Fail

We’re glad we’re far enough into the future where we have jetpacks, but people are still too dumb to use them.


Super Human Power

We all want super human powers and if you had a choice would this be one?


Would You Do This?

Those crazy college kids stripping down and hurling themselves into icy waters. Would you do this?


Daily Cat-Cam

Whoever said cats don’t like water, was WRONG!


Smells like this former Seattle Seahawk should receive an Oscar

Who is “the man your man can smell like”… Isaiah Mustafa?