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Robert Plant Comes To The Gorge This Summer

After a couple of detours (a duo album with Alison Krauss, a covers project with his Band Of Joy, oh, and the Led Zeppelin reunion), Robert Plant is back together with his longtime band, the […]



Our Pot Laws: Don’t You Light Up In A Bar, Man

Washington state officials say it’s not OK for bars to allow marijuana use, and they’ll take quick steps to address that. The announcement from the state Liquor Control Board on Wednesday followed a recent report […]



Daring Helicopter Rescue On Stevens Pass

Rescued Skier Being Treated At Everett Hospital A skier who was seriously injured in a fall near Stevens Pass is being treated at an Everett hospital. The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office says the skier was […]


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We Want An Official Washington State Rock Song!

  Dear Governor Jay Inslee, Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, As you know, the bureaucrats of the little state of Massachusetts are battling over issues dire to their communities: What Should Be The Official State […]


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Thursday Morning: Rise And Hiiiiiiiigh

December 6th marks the first time in the history of the country where smokin’ the ol’ refer in Washington will be legal. There are some catches, however, so you better read up.


Marie Callender’s Closes Suddenly – Kicks People Out While Eating

Yesterday, June 12, at 3:00pm, while people were dining at three Seattle area Marie Callender’s restaurants, the managers got a call from corporate. The news? Shut ‘er down. Now.


Do You Remember The Six Numbers From Lost… If So You Could Be Rich

If you watched “Lost”, you probably remember the set of six numbers that kept coming up over and over again. If you didn’t watch it . . . um . . . the same six […]


Car Ice Ballet in Spokane Washington

Remember not long ago the video that became viral of drivers in Capitol Hill struggling with the snow? Yeah, everybody laughed at them, and call them bad drivers… Well I guess people in Spokane shouldn’t […]


From the TWISP, WA news wires………

First, you have to find Twisp, then, once there, you need to be very, very polite… In Twisp, Washington, the new police chief wanted to pass a new law prohibiting verbal abuse, as in yelling […]


Drive-by Celebrity Spotting

American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar got busted for speeding on I-405 in Kirkland early Tuesday morning – The Washington State Patrol says Malakar was clocked at 110 miles per hour. He received a $411 ticket […]





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