Videos of cats

Daily Cat-Cam

If you still have one of those old cats with 4WD, get yourself one of these! They take up way less space!


Daily Cat-Cam

The secrets to a great body: by cats… Add fiber to your diet… even if it’s just to play with it…


Daily Cat-Cam

I completely understand this cat… I have pictures of myself covering my ears because someone’s playing Justin Bieber!


Daily Cat-Cam

We’re getting some snow this week in Western Washington, and a few kitties out there are gonna be having a lot of fun!


Daily Cat-Cam

Cat vs Alligator = Cat wins… Cat vs Rabbit = Rabbit wins… Cat vs Baby = Cat wins… How about Cat vs Snake???


Daily Cat-Cam

When it comes to boxes, how small is too small; is there such a thing as a box that’s too small or too weirdly shaped? Not to this cat…


Daily Cat-Cam

Tonto has been in control of his emotions since he started reading that Yoga magazine, but one thing still pushes his buttons!


Daily Cat-Cam

We’ve seen that in the Cat vs Rabbit fight, the rabbit wins (or does it???), but how about Cat vs Alligator???


Daily Cat-Cam

You know, rabbits can be very dangerous creatures… You don’t believe me? Ask this kitty…


Daily Cat-Cam

Some cats can hunt and some cats can pretend they can hunt… This cat is like Jack Nicholson in The Shining…




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