Orting Fire Fighters Get Down With Their Bad Selves (Video)

It’s time to show some love to our local firefighters. We’ve seen our local firefighters battling flames, helping the community, saving families from homes swallowed by fire, and also reviving ducks, cats, dogs, and many […]


Video: SPD Rescues Man In Basketball Hoop

During what was a serious night in Seattle – #MayDaySeattle – Saturday May 2nd – when parts of the city endured random acts of violent stupidity during what were meant to be thoughtful protest marches, this […]


Milk Prices Could Rise Dramatically With Fiscal Cliff Failure

Must See Video: Guy Excels At Oreo Trick Shots

We thought dunking an Oreo in milk and getting it out in one piece was impressive, but this guy has us beat. He demonstrated the many Oreo trick shots that he’s mastered, all of which […]



Husky Overtakes Cocky Duck At The Finish Line

This Oregon Ducks runner clearly never learned a lesson from “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Oregon’s Tanguy Pepiot was closing out the final lap of the men’s steeplechase at the Pepsi Team Invitational, and it […]


(Photos by Andy Lyons and Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Ludacris’ New Song Praises Beastmode [Video]

Chris “Ludacris” Bridges (famous rap artist and actor) has a new song out called “Beast Mode.” He says it’s inspired by our Seahawks’ star running back, however, neither Marshawn Lynch nor the Hawks are mentioned in […]


Youtube Screen Capture

Ferndale Scrapyard Destroys Patriots Buses [Video]

Pretty sure these are the same scrapyard geniuses who destroyed a Ford Bronco last year in honor of the Seahawks impending obliteration of the Denver team in Super Bowl 48. This year, they’ve done it […]



Caught On Camera In Greenwood: Phantom Pooper (Sorry)

First we need to apologize for reporting on this story, but it can’t be helped. Just like the freak on this video who couldn’t help but unload in the front yard of a home in […]



Kiss Cam Moment Turns Sick And Twisted [Video]

It happened last night – A Dodgers fan and Giants fan poured beer on each other for a unique moment during the Kiss Cam segment at Dodger Stadium. This bears the questions: 1. Don’t they know […]


(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Week 3: Hawks Over Broncos Recap [The Film]

That was nuts! I was all settled into my mom’s couch with my very loud sister and a pizza, watching the Seahawks take the game away from Peyton Manning and his poor donkeys. Everything was […]



Playing 99 Red Balloons With 99 Red Balloons [Video]

Okay, he didn’t use 99 red balloons to play the song 99 Red Balloons. But he does play the balloon as his instrument of choice. It just sounded good as a headline. But this is so […]