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Screen Capture Bob's Burgers Comic-Con Reel.

Tonight: Bob’s Burgers Cast At The Neptune (Linda And Louise Speak To Callahan)

5/8 For fans of thes animated series, the whole cast is coming in may to do the show LIVE


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Say It Isn’t So: KISS Teams With… HELLO KITTY

In probably the most disgraceful news of the day, KISS is taking their partnership with Hello Kitty to the small screen.  The band and the toy brand have announced plans to produce the new series […]



‘Moonshiners’ Star Arrested For Public Drunkeness

This story gets filed under, DUH, OF COURSE! Going by the name of TICKLE, the star of the TV show Moonshiners, has been arrested for public intoxication. Steven Ray Tickle was brought in by police […]



Even Angry Birds Have Their Own Damn TV Show

The Angry Birds are taking their adventures with their pig rivals to the small screen this weekend. Rovio, the company behind the popular “Angry Birds” mobile app game, is launching a cartoon series based on […]


“Glee” Star Matthew Morrison Was a Virgin Until He Turned 21

Matthew Morrison, who plays teacher Will Schuester on “Glee,” told “Details” magazine that he was a virgin until the age of 21. But then he did some serious catching up.


R.I.P Davy Crockett

Let’s take a moment of silence for Mr. Fess Parker. … The 1950′s star who was instrumental in launching a craze for coonskin caps as television’s Davy Crockett, died Thursday of natural causes. He was 85. RIP Davy, […]