Seahawks Headed To Super Bowl XLIX •  NFC Championship Final: 28-22, SEA | RECAP: Seahawks' Rally Stuns Packers | Photo GalleryScoreboard 


Getty Images/Jemal Countess

New Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2Trailer

If you’re not excited for the last installment in the Harry Potter franchise, then you are just not…human!


Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Conan The Barbarian Trailer

No not that Conan…Conan THE BARBARIAN! The official trailer for the reboot of Arnold’s Conan The Barbarian hit the internet this week.


Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Attack The Block Red Band Trailer

Ever wanted to know what would happen if a bunch of young, English punks were our sole line of defense against an alien invasion? Attack The Block answers that question.


Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Moneyball Trailer

Moneyball starring Brad Pitt is the next film for the Fight Club actor.


The Muppet Movie Trailer

Released as a trailer for the fake movie Green With Envy, this trailer teases the upcoming Muppet movie.


The Change Up Trailer

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, and Olivia Wilde, The Change Up follows the story of two guys who swap lives and bodies (and possibly Olivia Wilde).


New Smurfs Trailer

I know what your thinking. Smurfs? Really?


Dead Island Trailer

Usually we post movie trailers on JACK, but the trailer for the game Dead Island is just too good not to post.


They're All Back Again To Scream One More Time

Wes Craven has re-assembled the cast to Scream for the Fourth time!


Will You Love This Movie?

So what’s it like to be marooned in space? No one can hear you rock out to the band that produced the movie most likely.





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