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Tiger Woods Will Come To Our US Open

From CBS Sports: Tiger Woods‘ showing at the 2015 Masters raised some eyebrows, especially from doubters that believed Woods would struggle just to make the cut at the event (like me). Despite his relative success (T17), […]


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Forbes’ Most HATED Jocks of 2013 (Photos)

Lance Armstrong Named Forbes’ Most Disliked Athlete Lance Armstrong‘s fall from grace just hit a new low. The cyclist who admitted to decades-long use of performance enhancing drugs has topped “Forbes’” list of Most Disliked […]


I Found you, Ms. New Booty…

Tiger Woods has been receiving all sorts of messages over the past few days as he’s prepared to compete in the Masters. I’m sure he never would have expected someone to go to these kinds of […]


New Tiger Ad starring his Dead Dad….

In a new Nike TV commercial, Earl Woods, Tiger’s deceased father, asks his somber son a few poignant questions. I’m pretty sure that Nike is trying to manipulate my emotions and get me to love […]


Update: Media Serves Up Grilled Tiger

Tiger Woods returned to golf today at the Masters.  At his press conference, he said his rehab for sex addiction will be ongoing throughout his life.  He also said he was in denial, and lying not only […]


Meet The Press

The first time he spoke publicly since his exposure as a womanizer, TIGER WOODS only made a statement in front of friends and family. Star golfer Tiger Woods is expected to meet the press today […]


South Park hacks away at Tiger

Comedy Central’s cartoon “South Park” took a few swings at Tiger Woods and Electronic Arts Sunday night, and now EA may be looking to strike back. EA is reportedly considering a lawsuit over “South Park’s” […]