The Dark Knight Rises

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The Dark Pee Wee Rises….Tomorrow [Video iFull]

At midnight tonight the long wait is over.  The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters, and in this trailer it’s all Pee Wee Herman.  Be afraid, be very afraid. Oh, the horror…


(Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/GettyImages)

Ready For A Long And Epic Dark Knight Rises Featurette? [Video iFull]

We thought you might! Here it is, all 13 minutes of Dark Knight preview.


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A Lot Of Fire Rises In The New Dark Knight Trailer [Video iFull]

It’s a little under a month away before The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters.  Already there is so much excitement that scalpers are selling seats for the Midnight performance. If this trailer doesn’t get you […]


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New Footage From The Dark Knight Rises [Video iFull]

Bruce Wayne is back, and ready to take on a few good criminals.


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Gary Oldman Says “The Dark Knight Rises” Is Epic

He plays Commissioner Gordon in the Christopher Nolan Batman Series, and he is currently promoting his new film “Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy”. And he’s letting us know the upcoming Batman film is going to be epic! Gary Oldman […]


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“The Dark Knight Rises” Tumblers Drive On Street

See what’ve caught? Three “Tumblers” drove through the streets of Pittsburgh where “The Dark Knight Rises” is filming.



Crazy Version Of “The Dark Knight Rises” Trailer

Should I show respect for this crazy video about Batman?  Isn’t this the most ridiculous one you’ve ever seen?