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Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell: “We’re Back… And We Still Have Something To Say About Rock”

Soundgarden’s comeback album, “King Animal,” is said to have “a lot of layers to it. It’s something that will take time for people to kind of digest,” says frontman Chris Cornell in a recent interview with San Francisco sister station, Live 105.


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My Little Pony’s Version Of The Avengers [Video iFull]

Take some cute and cuddly ponies, and make them the most awesome super heroes of the galaxy.


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The Avengers’ Shawarma Scene Explained…In Detail. (Video)

If you haven’t seen The Avengers, or have not stayed through the credits and don’t want this to spoil your experience….DON’T CLICK THROUGH. The Avengers have a big time with a food known as Shawarma. […]


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Like The Sun We Will Live To Rise. [Video iFull]

Seattle’s own Soundgarden is the main theme behind The Avengers, and here is the new full scale video from the band.


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What If The Avengers Movie Had A Tight Budget? [Video iFull]

Just a few days away from the premier of The Avengers, but what if it was an Indi Film?


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The Avengers….As Friends? [Video iFull]

This Friday, The Avengers hits theaters, so it’s only fitting we look at what life would have been like if the Avengers had been….a TV sitcom.


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Jack’s Daily Video iFull

Normally, we try and find things unique, but it’s Friday and time for some fun to Marvel at.