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TOKYO, JAPAN - APRIL 21:  Diners enjoy their meals inside the new Taco Bell store during the official opening on April 21, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. The new store operated by Asrapport Dining Co. is the first store to be opened in Japan in 20 years. The Mexican-themed fast food chain entered the Japanese market in the 1980's but pulled out due to poor sales, operating stores only on restricted U.S military bases.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Senior Pictures At A Fast Food Restaurant?

Here’s a young lady who chose to get her High School senior pictures at her favorite fast food joint


Courtesy Mercedes-Benz USA

8 Super Bowl Commercials That Rocked

A 30-second commercial during Super Bowl XLVII ran advertisers in the neighborhood of $4,000,000 reported CNN Money in January. Of the dozens of new spots that aired yesterday, there are a few  worth highlighting based […]


Taco Bell Introduces Dorito Taco Shells

We all have probably heard that Taco Bell’s meat isn’t actually made from…well…meat. But that news is nothing compared to Taco Bell’s new sensation….the TACO SHELL made of out NACHO CHEESE DORITOS! Though only being […]