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Vegas Odds Makers Favor Seahawks For Super Bowl Win
Fines: None For Marshawn On Interviews, But Yes For Doug Baldwin on Fake Pants Dropping
Richard Sherman On The Game Ending Brawl
Russell Wilson: "Every Setback Has A Major Comeback"
Watch Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart Take on Beyoncé, Katy Perry in Epic Super Bowl Lip Sync BattleThe biggest battle on Super Bowl Sunday wasn't really between the New England Patriot and Seattle Seahawks, it was between Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.
9 Must-See Super Bowl CommercialsWhile the Super Bowl is all about crown the year's best NFL team, the game is just as competitive if not more so in terms of brand's vying for the most memorable and talked-about commercial of the day.
Ferndale Scrapyard Destroys Patriots Buses [Video]
Richard Sherman On Birth Of Son: 'Hopefully He'll Stay In There Until After The Game!'
Sea Gal Reporters Are The Best Media Day Interviewers
10 Crazy Facts About The Super Bowl
Predicting The Seahawks' Win Over The PackersWe know what you're thinking. "Don't jinx it!" you just screamed at your monitor (or smartphone screen). Silly goose, the Seahawks are just too damn good to worry about jinxing. They are going to win the Super Bowl again, everybody knows it.
Katy Perry to Headline 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show: ReportYou're gonna hear Katy Perry roar over the rahs of a Super Bowl crowd.
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