Star Wars

Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

Vader Gets His Groove Back

Have you ever wondered what Darth Vader does when hes not blowing up planets and chasing rebel spies?


Getty Images/Shirlaine Forrest

Little Star Wars

Volkswagen can’t seem to get enough of kids playing Star Wars characters, and neither can we!


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Star Wars Indiana Jones Easter Egg

This was probably discovered by someone with way too much time on their hands.


George Lucas Strikes Back

Ever wonder why the Star Wars franchise took such a steep downturn after the original trilogy? This video solves the mystery.


Who Is Darth Vader?!?!

Would the fact that your significant other doesn’t know who Darth Vader is be grounds for divorce?


It’s Friday Star Wars Style

Its Friday and what better way to celebrate then with yet another Friday parody.


Stars Wars Retold With Legos

Have you ever wanted to see Star Wars summed up in under 3 minutes with Legos? Us too!


Carrie Fisher Admits She's Slept with "Star Wars" Nerds

Every male “Star Wars” fan has fantasized about sleeping with Carrie Fisher. And Carrie admits that some of them have realized that fantasy!


George Lucas Might Want to Digitally Resurrect Dead Actors

According to a British tabloid, George Lucas wants to digitally resurrect dead actors and put them in new movies.


Paper Tatooine Moon

This is a very nice little piece of video art, matched up with the [lastfm]Jeremy Messersmith [/lastfm]song Tatooine.