Star Wars

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Princess Leia Is Reborn… As Cranky Ol’ Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher says she’s coming back as Princess Leia for the new “Star Wars” films. The actress confirmed that she’ll return as the iconic character in an interview posted Wednesday with Florida’s Palm Beach Illustrated. Casting for […]



When School House Rock Meets Star Wars (Video)

An even better way to learn what an INTERJECTION! is…


The Amazing Great Children's Party

Star Wars Set To AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’

Whoever created this is brilliant…and dare we say it rivals at least one of the STAR WARS prequels (released about 12 years ago).


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We Don’t Know Which Is Scarier [Video iFull]

A baby with it’s first Light Saber, or the fact that Daddy had a baby to begin with.  Obviously a fan boy, Dad takes his full size Light Saber into a duel with a toddler.


You serve your master well. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

See Vintage Behind The Scenes Footage From Return Of The Jedi

This is Super 8 footage from Jeff Broz shot in Buttercup Valley California as they were shooting Jabba’s Sand Barge scenes. There is no sound, and the footage has extra grain as it is filmed […]


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A Long Time Ago, On A Variety Show Far, Far Away [Video iFull]

Somehow Donny and Marie talked Kris Kristopherson into being Han Solo, and sing about it.


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Jack’s Daily Video iFull

Ever since the new Star Wars movies have come out, and now are coming out in 3D, the series has gone t the dogs…


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The People vs. George Lucas

George Lucas may be one of the most loved, and at the same time, one of the most hated figures in all of Geekdom.


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Stars Wars: The Revisions Edition

George Lucas has made so many changes to the Star Wars movies, we apparently need a road map to sort them out.


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Stand Up 2 Cancer…With The Force!

Is there nothing Star Wars can’t do?