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Marge & Homer Simpson Are Not Separating, Or So They Say

“Baseless rumors,” they claim.


Leonard Nimoy and unidentified actress in the television series "Star Trek" (Getty Images / Handout)

6 Classic TV Shows that Also Succeed as Movies

‘Entourage,’ take note: We compiled six TV shows that successfully made the jump from living rooms to big-screen theaters (with the original cast members intact).


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Weird Al’s LIVE Version of “Homer And Marge” [Video]

A few years back, “Weird Al” Yankovic sang a parody of his own parody (Chuck and Diane) of John Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane,” for the Simpson’s TV show. Friday night at the Hollywood Bowl, a […]


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The Simpsons Nearing The End

Earlier in the week it was reported that The Simpsons may have had it’s last episode, now we know how close the end really is.


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All Simpsons All The Time!

Who would watch a channel that played nothing but The Simpsons?


Duff Beer! Now Its Real!

Homer Simpson would feel at home in Latin America. His favorite beer, Duff, is available in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile.


Katy Perry and Martha Stewart On The Simpsons

First it was Sesame Street and now The Simpsons? Pop sensation Katy Perry and lifestyle guru Martha Stewart and will make a guest voice appearance on the Simpsons This Sunday December 5th. Katy plays Moe’s […]