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Watch Sesame Street’s ‘Avengers’ Parody

Can Cookie Monster stay focused enough to save the day?


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‘Big Birdman’ Is an Awesome Sesame Street ‘Birdman’ Parody

Let’s be real, this Sesame Street parody of ‘Birdman’ kind of wrote itself. Well played, Children’s Television Workshop.


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Sesame Street Parodies Homeland [Video]

From the geniuses at Sesame Street: “The Big Bad Wolf is on the lamb. Special Sheep Agent, Nicholas Ba-a-a-a-rody is the agency’s only hope for bringing the Big Bad Wolf to justice. But is he […]


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Bert And Ernie Should Get Married?

A petition started by an Illinois man would see all speculation over the sexual orientation of Bert and Ernie put to bed.


Cookie Monster Wants to Host “Saturday Night Live”

Maybe he is jealous of Elmo hooking up with Katy Perry and he wants more fame because he knows that helps get women. Remember that Betty White got to host “Saturday Night Live” this year […]


Sesame Street: Smell Like A Monster

“Sesame Street” did a parody of those ads with the Old Spice Guy. It starts with Grover standing in a bathroom then the background changes and he’s standing on a boat then the camera zooms […]