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Happy Festivus (For The Rest Of Us!)

Today, December 23, is Festivus, a holiday for the rest of us, invented by a staff writer for the long running show, Seinfeld. Dan O’Keefe made up a made-up holiday for George Costanza’s family, started […]


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‘Breaking Bad’ Meets ‘Seinfeld’ [Video]

All you have to do to turn a dark and dramatic TV show about meth labs and death into a light-hearted romp is insert goofy music and a laugh track. The folks behind Matin Comedy […]


For No Particular Reason

It’s Tuesday and you need a good laugh.  So here’s a scene from one of the best.


Top 10 Classic Sitcom Christmases

In the spirit of the season, we bring you the Top 10 Classic Sitcom Christmases.



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