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Smash Putt! Trippy Minature Golf Returns To Seattle

Smash Putt! What? Let them explain: Definition: devious devices with wicked robotic brains engineered by industrial-artists of the Northwest – It’s putt-putt as you‘ve never imagined it, in a pop-up nightclub setting like you’ve never seen. […]


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Seattle May Ban Smoking In City Parks

Is this progress or repression? I’m a former smoker who does get bugged by cigarette smoke, but even I am not so sure about a possible move by Seattle Parks. A move is on to […]


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The Price Of Your Commute

Wish I could say I took the time to calculate all of these different commutes around Western Washington, but thanks to WalletHub, and especially The Seattle PI, it has been done for me. Here’s the […]


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Scary Donut Shop Robbery In Northgate

According to the article, Police Arrest Sticky-Fingered Suspect After Doughnut Shop Robbery, on SPD’s Crime Blotter, what could have been a bad night for local pastry connoisseurs, turned out to be a harmless crime. Employees […]


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5.7-5.9 Gilbert Gottfried At Seattle’s Parlor Live

Gilbert Gottfried is best known for his unmistakable voice and telling some of the dirtiest jokes known to man. A former cast member of “Saturday Night Live,” Gilbert is a regular guest on “The Tonight […]


(Photo by Matthew Lamb / Sasquatch Music Festival)

April and July: Elvis Costello Twice This Year

Elvis Costello loves the Northwest so much, he’s coming twice this year. That’s love, man. That’s what you call ‘giving it your all’ for your favorite part of America’s anatomy. The wettest corner of the […]