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Delta Employees To Build Habitat For Humanity Home In Federal Way

Lee Callahan talks with Mike Medeiros of Delta Airlines about the company’s work with Habitat for Humanity.


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Bertha Moves! A Whopping 3 Feet!


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Why Do Seattle Drivers Suck So Much?

Allstate ranked the drivers of the 200 largest U.S. cities and man, do we SUCK! We came in 173rd – like, on the bottom, like we ARE NOT good drivers! The Allstate report was released […]


Lee Callahan, Jack FM 2013

Jack Goes To Hempfest 2014

We’re sending intrepid reporters Lee Callahan and Jason Burrows to the front lines of the all-weekend party known as Hempfest – the country’s largest Cannabis Reform event. They’ll broadcast all the fun from the party […]


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8.16 Tomato Battle At Pyramid Ale House

Do you enjoy the sting of a ripe tomato hurled at your bare back? Some folks must, because these fruit-or-vegetable fights are getting really popular. Pyramid Alehouse – just across the street from Safeco Field – is […]





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