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Ivar’s: No More Tipping Is Part Of Minimum Wage Formula

Have you ever met Bob Donegan, CEO of local fish eatery Ivar’s? I have, and he is a delight. His employees are his priority, along with high quality fish and chips. Have you ever been […]

8 hours ago

Bertha Surfaces 3-30-15

Time Lapse Video: Bertha Surfaces

The huge cutter head of the tunnel-boring machine (her name would be Bertha) that’s being used to create the Highway 99 tunnel under downtown Seattle is now above ground.  The above video is of the […]

13 hours ago

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Seattle Named One Of The Messiest Cities

We usually make lists that make us sound good: Most Read, Most College Grads, Most Millionaires, Best Coffee, etc. But now Seattle has been knocked down a few pegs because we are not cleaning up after […]


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Easter Egg Hunts Are Everywhere

Woodland Park Zoo – Bunny Bounce is April 4 for children 1 to 8. Seattle Children’s Museum – Register online for egg hunts April 3 to 5. Here’s a big list of Easter Egg hunts […]