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Shopping At Ikea Is Like Being Lost In Space [Video]

If you’ve ever shopped at Ikea, or even stepped foot inside, you probably know the feeling of overwhelming helplessness. The place is just so big, where do you even start? And once you’re inside, how […]


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Jack’s Numb-Nuts Of The Day

Oops. Someone left the practice bombs on the bus. The bomb squad was dispatched to remove suspicious bags from two Santa Monica, California, city buses. It turns out the black duffel bags with wires coming […]


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Jack’s Oscar Week: The Best Girl On Girl Kisses (Videos)

The movie Butter is great in itself, but add Olivia Wilde and Ashley Greene knacking at the end of this clip, and you want to scream, OSCAR! If you saw Black Swan, then you’ve been […]


Jesse James Talks Sexy Time with Sandra and Kat

You know what’s classy: talking smack about your ex-wife’s sexual prowess. Jesse James, as we all know, is one hell of a classy guy.


Are Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Getting It On?

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds may have hooked up over New Year’s. Ryan spent the weekend with Sandra at her home in Austin, Texas and on New Year’s Eve, they celebrated at her restaurant, Bess […]


Sandra Bullock Is People Magazine's Woman of the Year

People magazine dropped its Best and Worst of 2010 issue this week.  And they’ve named Sandra Bullock Woman of the Year. 


Hollywood’s Top-Earning Woman has dropped its list of Hollywood’s Top-Earning Women. Let me think, top- earning woman in Hollywood, mmm this is tough… NOT… Of course the number one on the list was Oprah Winfrey and by […]


Miss Congeniality at MTV movie awards

MTV’s audience went wild for a pony-tailed Bullock when she appeared on stage to thank her fans, the audience, and award presenters Bradley Cooper, Betty White, and Scarlett Johansson.  Bullock joked onstage with Cooper and […]


Note to self: Never, ever, pose as Evil Dictator…

Around 2004, a year before wedding Sandra Bullock, Jesse James posed as Adolf Hitler, wearing a German soldier’s cap, miming the evil dictator’s mustache and giving a “Heil, Hitler” salute. Us Magazine snagged the shot, […]


“The Blind Side” Sandra Bullock’s movie, not her relationship.

“The Blind Side” released this week on Blu-ray and DVD is based on a true story of NFL’s  Michael Oher and his struggle with being a homeless teenager in Memphis ,who was taken under the […]