San Diego

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Hawks Lose To San Diego – The Unhappy Blue Monday Recap Film

Happy Blue Monday …  It’s blue, but definitely not happy. The neon glow from the Northern Lights this weekend was anything but a good luck charm for the Emerald City. Both the Seahawks and Mariners […]


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Dollars Spent, Revenue Generated and Blood Drawn at Comic Con 2013

Two days in, Comic Con 2013 has been filled with pop culture “reveals,” news and offerings show no chance of containment. San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter continued it’s 360-degree commercial experience from wrapped buildings to […]


Woman Embezzles Money To Pay Off Embezzlement Lawsuit

A San Diego woman has pleaded not guilty to stealing money from a former employer to pay another former employer she also stole money from.


Denis Poroy
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We Have This Year’s First Bench Clearing MLB Brawl. Bonus: Called By Vin Scully

Benches cleared in San Diego last night after a pitch by Zack Greinke of the LA Dodgers hit Carlos Quentin on the arm, leading the Padres outfielder to charge the mound and spark a lengthy […]


AFI Associates Honors Arquette Family With Award - Event

10 Worst Performances Of The National Anthem…Ever

It has to be a singers dream come true to be asked to sing the National Anthem. To their management – it must seem like a great idea. How else would you explain why so many artists […]



Comic-Con 2011 Preview Night: Fans Prepare For Ecstasy

Our friends in San Diego are taking Comic Con by storm and are sharing their stories with you.  Check back all week for the greatest Comic-Con coverage on the web! Well, it’s official: Comic-Con 2011 […]


That’s Not The Way A Turkey Caller Works

A ‘turkey caller’ is one of those things hunters use to lure in turkeys. And last week, the blonde cougar-iffic host of a local news channel in San Diego accidentally did something pretty inappropriate with […]


Comic Con 2010: The Sun Sets On Nerdville

Well, here we are. As the COMIC-CON supernova flickered it’s final light and we dragged our aching bodies for a final lap around the Convention Center, it’s almost as if San Diego has finally resigned […]