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Missed Connections In The PNW

Using Craigslist is great way to find a super cheap and “gently used” couch or tickets to the concert you just can’t miss. It’s also apparently great for romance. If you haven’t checked out the […]


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President Obama and the First Lady Dine Out For Valentine’s Day – Meet the Couple Who Ate Next To Them!

Amanda of Alexandria, Virginia, a school teacher from Anne Arundel County, called our friends in Washington, D.C. to report on her once in a lifetime Valentine’s Day dinner. She and her husband sat next to […]


Woman Paralyzed By Hickey!

Careful next time you decide to give your partner a nibble on the neck, they may end up in the hospital unable to move!


Office Romances Are Dying

Chalk this up as yet another thing that’s been ruined by the economy: You’ve lost your chance of making out in the copy room with that newly-divorced gal in accounting you’ve been lusting after. According […]