road rage

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Seattle: Are We Road Ragers?

If you think we’re bad road ragers here in the beautiful Northwest, then you need to do some traveling, especially to the East coast. Those folks are crazy. Am I making this up? No. I’ve […]


Feng Li
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Instant Karma Gets Uptight Lexus Driver [Video]

Have you ever had a moment when you’ve driven like a huge jack-ass? This guy does, and, like very  often, it doesn’t pay off.


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Jack’s Numb Nuts Of The Day: Seattle Road-Ragers With Stun Guns

One Numb-Nut Deserves Another: Stun Gun-Wielding Pregnant Woman Attacks Bike Messenger A bike messenger in Washington state will most likely be a little more cautious about road rage after he was attacked by a stun gun-wielding […]


You park like an A$$hole

Every day I cruise the street for parking at work and am faced with people who have failed to learn their parking manners. I’ve had it! and I’m sure you face similar situations too. Well, our prayers have finally been answered.