Return Of The Jedi

Ethan Miller - Getty Images

Original Actors Re-Enact Classic Return Of The Jedi Scene [Video]

It ‘s better if you close your eyes and listen… Man, Carrie Fisher has a set of stones. But for your Star Wars fanatics, this is gold. Warwick Davis, too, is happy to re-enact a […]


You serve your master well. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

See Vintage Behind The Scenes Footage From Return Of The Jedi

This is Super 8 footage from Jeff Broz shot in Buttercup Valley California as they were shooting Jabba’s Sand Barge scenes. There is no sound, and the footage has extra grain as it is filmed […]


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More Unreleased Star Wars Photos

Just when you thought George Lucas was done cleaning out his Star Wars vault…


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Return Of The Jedi Spy Shots

Think spy shots of movie sets is a recent trend? Thank again?


Stars Wars Retold With Legos

Have you ever wanted to see Star Wars summed up in under 3 minutes with Legos? Us too!