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Amanda Knox Has A New Job In Seattle

We’ve been following the news reports on Seattle’s most notorious college student for many years. And now Amanda Knox is reporting the news. According to The Daily Beast, Amanda’s been writing as a freelancer for […]


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Ooops! News Reporter Draws A Pen!s On TV By Mistake [Video]

Something exciting finally happened in Flint, Michigan. Local ABC affiliate reporter Siobhan Riley was innocently drawing on a map to show her loyal viewers how road construction might be affecting their daily commutes. But Riley, […]



News Anchor Struck Dumb On Camera [Video]

When technology fails a news anchor, there are no words… literally. And why do we love to watch others fail? We just cannot take our eyes off the trainwrecks. Here, an Australian TV news anchor […]


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Don’t Video-Bomb This Reporter

We’ve all seen it on the evening news – a TV reporter is doing a live report from the scene of a story, when someone drunk approaches them and interrupts their live shot. But one […]