(Photo By Lee Callahan)

Callahan’s Seattle Auto Show Preview [The Movie]

Goodness, there are a lot of beautiful cars at the Seattle International Auto Show! I took my ratty old beater down to the Century Link Field Exhibition Hall parking lot and tried to just leave […]


(Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/GettyImages)

Ready For A Long And Epic Dark Knight Rises Featurette? [Video iFull]

We thought you might! Here it is, all 13 minutes of Dark Knight preview.


(Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

Battleship’s Look Inside – [Video iFull]

Like Transformers, this gives “You sunk my battleship.” whole new meaning.



Hear New Bruce Springsteen, “We Are Alive” From ‘Wrecking Ball’ [First Listen — Today Only]

[pullquote quote=”The lyrics tell a story you can’t hear anywhere else and the music is his most innovative of recent years.” credit=”Jon Landau, Executive Producer”]The Boss is taking care of his own (radio listeners) once […]


Men In Black Trailer 3 Lunar Eclipse

Men In Black III Trailer Released Same Day As Lunar Eclipse [VIDEO]

Some might call it a “coincidence.” We know better. Aliens and space phenomenon o together like…  Hey, is that a neurolizer? Ah shi—


Hugh Jackman Jacks It Up In Real Steel

In the future, boxing goes from human to rock em’ sock em’!


Ready For Battle In Los Angeles?

Actor Aaron Eckhart takes on very bad aliens in Battle Los Angeles.


Britney Spears Invades “Glee”

Gleeks, get ready for [lastfm]Britney Spears[/lastfm] overload! Tuesday’s episode of “[lastfm]Glee[/lastfm]” will feature the Pop idol’s greatest hits. We even have a preview clip!