Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 185

Holiday Special The Marty Riemer Show 5min Shorts #10. Today’s Topic is “Do you tip your garbage man?” This topic was carried over from the old radio station. You know Jodi tips her garbage man […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 184

Holiday Special The Marty Riemer Show 5min Shorts #9. Today’s Topic is “When is the label Organic important?”   Jodi has an opinion about organic food.  Do you buy organic food?  Why?  What kind of […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 183

Holiday Special The Marty Riemer Show 5min Shorts #8. Today’s Topic is “Marty is selling his motorcycle. This is why.”   Today was all about Marty again.  You will hear what made Marty decide to sell […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 181

It’s our last live show of the year and … and … and … it’s Marty’s Favorite Things Episode!!!  (Audience freaks out! Obviously.)  Marty bestows a cavalcade of gifts on his coworkers and guests today.  […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 180

Once Marty discovers the true meaning of Christmas – thanks to a Bill Maher message to Oprah – LeRoy Bell stops by the basement manger for a holiday podcast performance, just a few days before […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 179

An in-depth chat about music, romantic comedies, Woody Guthrie’s hometown, and holiday music with one of Seattle’s best roots artists Ian McFeron.


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 178

A new week and a new guest host!  Former Sunday Brunch host Drew Dundon steps in as Marty’s sidekick this week.  Notice how everyone’s title on this show involves the word “former.”  We used to […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 177

+ Today we talk with mountain climbing legend Ed Viesturs before he embarks on a New Year’s Day expedition to climb the tallest mountain on Antarctica, Mount Vinson.  It’s summer down there, so we expect […]


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 175

Songs about love and bar fights from the band BLVD PARK today.  And a highly overqualified bank teller whose biggest pet peeve is dumbly utilized adverbs, is deconstructed on another round of Blatant Stereotyping.


Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 174

Ever wondered the mechanics that go into orchestrating a flash mob?  A flash mob, like when a mass of 1,000 seemingly random folks suddenly begin a choreographed dance to the Sound of Music.  What logistics […]