Best Online Pick Up Line in the World

Here’s the new secret of seduction. Well, it’s online dating seduction, but that still counts. So guys, ready to get dates galore when I reaveal to you the line that will make women fall at […]


Mel Gibson’s New Movie: “The Beaver”

Nice to hear Mel Gibson is not in the news for leaving crazy phone messages, or screaming racial epithets. Nice he is back in the news for acting. It looks like they really are getting […]


Don’t Chop Your Tree For Christmas, Buy It Online

 More and more people are buying their Christmas gifts online than ever before . . . and while you’re there, you might as well virtually chop down a tree, too.


What Is This Kid Looking At?

There’s a new video online that shows a little kid getting fascinated by something he sees in the computer. It doesn’t show the computer screen, so you can’t see what he’s looking at, but his […]