E3 News: New Nintendo Console, Wii U, And Crazy Super Mario Music

People are pretty excited with yesterday’s announcement from Nintendo revealing a follow-up to their popular Wii console – they’re calling it the Wii U. What makes the new Nintendo Wii U such a crazy console is […]


Top 10 Video Games….OF ALL TIME

Today I’m  celebrating everything that’s wonderful about man’s best friend… video games.  So sit back, grab your joystick and check out my guide to the  Top 10 Video Games of All Time….


Wii Dare Ya!

Nintendo has made no qualms about the Wii being a system aimed at the casual and often youth audience. Not quite sure this game fits that.


Dark Side of the Moon vs. NES

Remember that old 8-bit Nintendo you (or your kids) had back in the 80’s? Then you know how awesome (read: horrible) the music was on the games like Super Mario Bros. or Duck Hunt. Now […]