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Julia Roberts Goes Vigilante in ‘Secret in Their Eyes’ Trailer: Watch

The trailer shows Jess and Ray finding her daughter’s body in a dumpster, capturing her soul-breaking emotional reaction.


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Jack’s Oscars: The Movies That Scared The Holy Crap Out Of Us

Nominee 1: Nazi Face Melt In Raiders Of The Lost Ark Nominee 2: Danny goes for a ride in The Shining Nominee 3: Georgie and the Clown in the Sewer in “It” Nominee 4: Hannibal escapes […]


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Nicolas Cage And Nicole Kidman Taken Hostage In “Trespass” Trailer

Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman are taken hostage at their house. But do the invaders want money? A cycle of betrayal and deception emerges in the pressured conditions.