(Photo by TONY RANZE/AFP/Getty Images)

Amazing Video Of All Space Shuttle Launches At The Same Time [Video iFull]

All 135 space shuttle launches on one screen, including the doomed Challenger launch from 1986.  See if you can spot which one it is. Pretty impressive to see them all launching at the same time.


Space Shuttle Endeavour Takes a Bite Out Of Crime

When NASA’s shuttle Endeavour landed in Florida Wednesday (June 1) to end its last-ever trip into space, the orbiter also apparently doubled as a crime-fighting machine.

06/06/2011 Trends: NASA Space Rock’s Greatest Hits

NASA‘s final shuttle flights are just months away, but they’ve launched a very special competition to see the crews off. Space Rock is NASA’s search for a few wake-up anthems for the astronauts during their […]


Ahh, Space. No Gravity, Better Smelling Roses?

In their latest round of experiments, NASA  tested the scent of roses and whether or not it differed from earth to space. Results showed that the roses actually made fewer oils while in space. They also […]