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"Glee" Team Makes The List

Over the holiday, the team released its Best of 2010 List.  Gleeks will be thrilled with the results.  Original performers of the show’s biggest songs litter the list.  Check them out now just in […]


Glee: 10 Greatest Gifts For Rachel Berry Fans

As Christmas and regionals close in, you’re wondering what to get the Gleek your life.  Don’t worry.  We have you covered. Whether you’re a mellow tenor or a sassy soprano, we’re rolling out great Glee-centric […]


Have Yourself A Merry “Glee” Christmas

Deck your halls with the New Directions. Tonight’s episode entitled “A Very Glee Christmas” follows Finn, Rachel and the crew as they try to survive the holidays. Watch a sneak peak of the episode plus […]


10 Christmas Gifts For Hard Core Gleeks

Do you have a Gleek on your holiday shopping list? They have the latest CD, the box set and even the Sue Sylvester megaphone. They have EVERYTHING…. so you think. Whether you’re shopping for a […]


“Glee”: Kurt Hummel Is A Traitor!

It’s been all about Kurt on this season of “Glee,” and we’ll get even more of the show’s most beloved star tonight. Kurt leaves his friends at McKinley High to join the Warblers of Dalton […]


“Glee” Goes Train With “Hey, Soul Sister”

The Glee kids head to sectionals this week where they will not only once again be pitted against Vocal Adrenaline, but also against the Dalton Academy Warblers, and their latest inductee, Kurt! Who will win? […]


“Glee”: Kurt Hummel Takes The Lead

Everyone has their favorite “Glee” character. Some people respond to bossy boots Rachel Barry. Some people identify with the tough but sensitive Finn. Whether you’re a Rachel, a Finn, a Mercedes or a Quinn you […]


Get All The “Glee” You Need In One Amazing CD

As Black Friday approaches, are you wondering what to get your favorite tween for Christmas?  Don’t worry. The world’s most amazing album is about to drop. On November 30, 2010 the latest and greatest “Glee” compilation […]


Gwyneth’s “Glee” Tracks Now Online

The day has come!  After weeks of internet buzz, Gwyneth Paltrow will finally make her appearance on “Glee.” You’ve watched the video.  You’ve seen the pictures. Now listen to tracks from tonight’s sure-to-be-classic episode.   Find out […]


“Glee” Goes Wee

Question: What is more adorable than overly dramatic teens singing their hearts and souls out?  Answer: Teeny, weeny toddlers dressed up like overly dramatic teenagers singing their heart and souls out.  Check out brand new photos […]