Seattle Police Officer Bit By Naked Intruder

Police tussles with a man on Saturday night in Seattle’s University District who they suspected was high on meth. They found him in an apartment complex, naked and hiding in a storage unit. According to […]



Mmmmm! Meth Ice Cream!

A Spokane man is in police custody ’cause he had that special-flavored ice cream in his possession…


Photo By: Mark Davis/
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Breaking Bad: “Baby Blue” Gets Resurgence In Sales

You could not have picked a better song for the final moments of the hit series Breaking Bad than ‘Baby Blue’ by Badfinger. This reporter’s interpretation: a love song from Walter White, as he lay […]


Mock methamphetamine lab (AFP PHOTO/TIM SLOAN/Getty Images)

The ‘Are You F*!&%# Kidding Me’ Report: Local Father Laces Kids’ Cookies With Meth

According to the brass at CBS Seattle, A South King County father is accused of lacing his children’s cookies with methamphetamines. You read that correctly.


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Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy Pleads Not Guilty To DUI Meth Possession

Peter Murphy’s attorney entered the plea of not guilty in a Glendale, CA courtroom Tuesday (March 19). Murphy, former Bauhaus frontman and unofficial leader of the 80’s goth movement, was arrested Saturday (March 16) and […]


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Yum! The Breaking Bad Donut: Topped With Candy Meth

A restaurant in New Mexico is paying homage to a popular TV show with a meth-themed donut.  KOAT-TV reports Rebel Donuts just launched the “Breaking Bad” donut.  It’s topped with blue rock candy sprinkles that […]


Classless In Cali

Anyone need a cheap baby? You may be able to pick one up for a bargain at Walmart. Parents of the year, Samantha Tomasini, 20, and Patrick Fousek, 38, were arrested early Wednesday, hours after […]