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Hear The Remastered ‘Grey Album’: The Beatles’ ‘White Album’ Meets Jay-Z’s ‘Black Album’

Just like Danger Mouse’s 2004 original, the new version is available for free.


Mashup Of The Day: Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me(Metal Version)

You probably thought Taylor Swift was all sweet and nice. But did you know she also has a dark side. What would happen if Taylor Swift decides to show her darker side on a song?


Mashup Of The Day: Queen Vs AC/DC

What would happen if the members of AC/DC get together with the members of Queen?


Mashup Of The Day: Metallica Meets Smooth Jazz

What would happen if Metallica hires an audio engineer that loves jazz?


Mashup Of The Day: Whole Lotta Sabbath

What happens if you grab some Black Sabbath and mix it with some old fine Zeppelin?



What happens when you mix the members of AC/DC with  the members of Ghostbusters?


Imagine A Jump

What would happen if you grab same John Lennon and mix it with some Van Halen?