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All Movie Trailers in 2013 Mash Up [Video]

There’s a guy on the web with a lot of time on his hands, who goes by the name Sleepy Skunk. And if you love movies like I love movies, then you’ll love Sleepy for […]


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Mash-Up: Lumineers ‘Ho Hey’ And Will Ferrell’s Harry Caray [Video]

YouTube genius Eric Woodie mashed up the popular song “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers with Will Ferrell’s legendary impression of Harry Caray from Saturday Night Live. This is too brilliantly funny to have only 115,000 hits, man. -Lee Callahan, Jack FM


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Final Destination 5/Saved By The Bell Mash-Up

One of the actors from the summer horror Final Destination 5 is also a filmmaker in his own right. However, rather than make full-length features, he spoofs them with short YouTube music videos.