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Someone In WA Has Won 90 Million Dollars

Now is the time to check your pockets, your purse, your car, whatever..check it all! You may be holding a Powerball ticket worth $90 Million. The winning numbers from the Nov. 29th drawing for the ticket […]



‘Gimme Some Ducats’: Spencer Davis’ Dog Buys Winning Lottery Ticket

A weird story from Britt Bickell of K-EARTH Radio: Spencer Davis, the singer and founder of Spencer Davis Group known for their hits “Gimme Some Lovin’” and “I’m A Man” called in to the morning show […]


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Good Luck With That: British Lottery Winner Wants To Reunite Guns N’ Roses

In an interview with London’s Sun newspaper, Adrian Bayford, a music shop owner from Haverhill, Suffolk, joked about using some of this new wealth to fund a concert starring original Guns N’ Roses lineup. “I’d have to get Guns N’ Roses together. I’m a real fan,” said Bayford. The original group consisted of Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler.


You don't have to get them ALL right to win....something. (Stan Honda/Getty Images)

Did You Check Your Mega Millions Numbers?

You didn’t throw that ticket away, did you?


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[JACKed Up News] Sports Reporter Wins Lottery During On-Air News Broadcast [VIDEO]

And that’s why you never trust a Canadian lottery. Local news correspondents at Global BC hosted a one-in-a-million lotto drawing in which one lucky man or woman was to win a two-million dollar house. Families all over the […]


Woman Wins Lottery Four Times!

Joan R. Ginther has won the lottery for the FOURTH time! Her total winnings have summed up to approximately $20.4 million. That is one  lucky lady. Isn’t there a rule somewhere about how many times you can […]