Lee Callahan

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Lee Callahan Interviews Barney Frank (Audio)

Congressman Barney Frank on his book, Frank: A Life in Politics from the Great Society to Same-Sex Marriage is one man’s account of the country’s transformation—and the tale of a truly momentous career. Many Americans […]


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Lee Callahan Interviews Gold Medalist Misty Hyman: It’s Time To Learn To Swim

Sometimes it takes a push to get into the pool. Not literally. Listen to Lee Callahan’s conversation with Misty Hyman on the importance of learning to swim as an adult and perhaps you’ll be convinced. It’s […]


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Lee Callahan’s Interview: The Max Foundation

The Max Foundation is a global health non-profit organization that believes that all people living with cancer have the right to access the best treatment and support, wherever they are in the world. Through personalized […]


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Callahan’s Interview: Terrell Dorsey Of ‘Unleash The Brilliance’

I love finding out about folks doing good work in our community through other folks! I put the call out over the radio that I’m looking to talk to some hard working not-for-profit organizations, and […]


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Smash Putt! Trippy Minature Golf Returns To Seattle (Audio Interview)

Smash Putt! What? Let them explain: Definition: devious devices with wicked robotic brains engineered by industrial-artists of the Northwest – It’s putt-putt as you‘ve never imagined it, in a pop-up nightclub setting like you’ve never seen. […]


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Courage 360: Helping You Get Back To Work

Courage360 is a Tacoma based non-profit with a satellite office in Kent. They provide pre-employment training, employment services and housing assistance in Pierce and South King Counties. Their clients are mostly single parents, about 93% […]


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Terry Home: Helping Those With TBIs In Washington

Here’s a letter I got from Deborah Hopen, a listener, which pretty much sums up the way our public affairs show works: “I was listening to your program on Jack this morning, and I heard your […]


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Callahan Interviews Jonathan Holbrook: ‘Still’ (Local Freaky Web Series)

Something very wrong is happening to the denizens of Slough Town, Washington. Is something falling from the sky? Are zombies biting with abandon? Why is everyone standing still? What is that horrible sound? I started […]


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Denis and Gale Hayes On Cowed: Too Many Make For A Merky Planet

Denis and Gail Hayes, internationally recognized environmentalists of long standing, with Denis Hayes also heading the Bullitt Foundation, are at Town Hall this evening with their important new book, Cowed: The Hidden Impact of 93 […]


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Callahan Interviews Estela Ortega Of El Centro De La Raza

I’ve heard about this Seattle organization for years, and I should have, especially since they’ve been supporting many people in our area since 1972. And, I just found out that El Centro de la Raza is leaping […]