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Seattle’s Gretta Harley Releases Song Cycle

Local musician Gretta Harley visited me in the studio this week. She’s got a new album coming out very soon, it’s actually a ‘song cycle,’ which she explained to me… I was lucky enough to […]

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Jamie Moyer On Kids And Baseball And The M’s Hall Of Fame

Jamie and Karen Moyer still love Seattle. And they love what Seattle athletes do to help kids. As the founders of The Moyer Foundation, now in it’s 15th year, they’re hosting a luncheon tomorrow – Champions […]


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Dave Richart And The Susan G Komen Race For The Cure

The Susan G Komen Race for the Cure is right around the corner – rush into a Comcast store to register and Comcast will match your entry fee of $35, dollar for dollar. After listening […]


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Swoosie Kurtz Talks To Lee Callahan

Swoosie Kurtz hopped on the phone to talk with Lee about love, life, parents, Melissa McCarthy, and the theater, all of which are painted with vibrant colors in her new book, “Part Swan, Part Goose: […]



Chloe McGill: Local Teen Steps Up For The Rights Of Children

Chloe McGill, a Medina resident and teenager, was selected to represent Save the Children and Save the Children Action Network as a student advocate for children at a number of high profile events that took place […]


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Gimme Shelter: Anacortes Family Center

Dustin Johnson saw a need in his town of Anacortes. And so did other responsible members of his community. So they got together and decided they could do something for the homeless people of their town. […]


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Joe Tafoya Is Saving Horses

The man behind making the 12th Man crowd at The Clink the loudest stadium crowd in the country says he needs us again. Former Seahawks Linebacker Joe Tafoya wants to stop the senseless slaughtering of horses for […]


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#Blessed: Sandra Bernhard Comes To Olympia (Callahan Interview Audio)

Star of stage and screen, Ms. Sandra Bernhard, will perform #Blessed at the Capitol Theater at 206 Fifth Ave. SE in Olympia, Washington on Saturday, May 2nd. Tickets here, sister. In her own, one-of-a-kind, live, all […]


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Callahan Interviews Dave Barry, Again! Pray It Never Stops

New York Times-bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist Dave Barry talks with Lee Callahan about his newest book, Live Right And Find Happiness (Although Beer Is Much Faster). Dave opines that happiness is an elusive thing, […]


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So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed… Jon Ronson On The Dangers Of Social Media

I love this guy! What a great talk we had. His cautionary tale is actually pretty funny stuff. Jon Ronson’s books include the New York Times bestsellers The Psychopath Test and Lost at Sea: The Jon Ronson […]