Kristen Schaal

Screen Capture Bob's Burgers Comic-Con Reel.

Tonight: Bob’s Burgers Cast At The Neptune (Linda And Louise Speak To Callahan)

5/8 For fans of thes animated series, the whole cast is coming in may to do the show LIVE



Bob’s Burgers’ Louise: On Her Comedy Central Meltdown And The Worst Stage In The World

Kristen Schaal is having a marvelous career. She’s a stand-up comedian, a voice actress on the hit show Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, The Simpsons, and you’ve seen her acting chops on 30 Rock with Tina […]


Mike Lawrie Getty Images

Louise on BOB’S BURGERS – What Do You Want To Know About KRISTEN SCHAAL?

Fox TV’s highly rated animated freak show, Bob’s Burgers, is coming to Seattle to perform LIVE! Whatever that means… Tomorrow, I talk to the 3rd cast member to be interviewed –  the voice behind Louise, […]


Kristen Schaal (wearing a Jon Lutz t-shirt) in Joey Ramone's "New York City" video

Inside Joey Ramone’s Posthumous Video With Anthony Bourdain, Kristen Schaal and Reggie Watts

Selling albums when the artist is no longer among the living, of course has its challenges. But a new music video for “New York City,” which features celebrities including 30 Rock cast members Scott Adsit, Jon Lutz and Kristen Schaal, chef/TV personality Anthony Bourdain, rocker/motivational speaker Andrew WK and original Ramones drummer Tommy Ramone, may bring some attention to the Joey Ramone’s posthumously released “Ya Know?”