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Graham: Terrifying Video Shows SUV Almost Hitting Kids

Police in Graham are looking for the driver of a speeding SUV that passed a stopped school bus coming within inches of hitting three school children getting ready to board. Parents were standing by to see their […]


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3.7 Kent Kids’ Arts Day

Kids create hands-on art projects for one flat fee at Kent Kids’ Arts Day in Kent Commons. Get your hands on some art… Have fun with your children, grandchildren, or neighborhood kids at the annual Kent […]


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Screen Time, Fake Eyeballs And The Evils Of Soda Pop

Screen Time And Your Children A new medical study says too much screen time is messing with your kids sleep – it’s that nasty blue light from computers and smart phones and tablets. You can […]


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Kids Continue To Pound Back The Caffeine

Approximately 75 percent of U.S. kids and young adults consume at least some caffeine on a daily basis. The numbers haven’t budged over a decade, despite soda use declining. Instead, energy drinks are becoming the […]


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Naps Make Happier And Smarter Kids

DENVER (CBS4) – Most caregivers know that an hour nap means a happier child, but a new study shows another benefit to a midday rest. Children at the Bright Horizons Preschool in Manhattan, N.Y. go down for […]


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Middle School Coach Wanted Hooters For Kids, Gets Fired

PORTLAND, Ore. (CBS SEATTLE/AP) — A Portland-area middle school football coach who said he was willing to lose his job rather than back down from plans for a team party at Hooters has lost his job. […]


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Parents Turn To ‘Sleeping Pills’ For Their Children

BOSTON (CBS) – Putting a toddler to bed can be anything but a dream. “It would take him sometimes two hours’ time to fall asleep and it essentially required me to rock him in a […]


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Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical [Video]

Internet stars  Rhett and Link are back with their newest video, a Breaking Bad musical starring children. It starts like this:  The kid version of Walter White explains that he is going to begin making the purest […]



Daycare Teacher Pierces A 5 Year Olds Ears, But Its Ok The Kid Gave Her Permission

A mother said she was shocked to find her 5-year-old daughter’s ears pierced when she picked her up from a west Fort Worth day-care center Wednesday evening.