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Kathleen White On Seahawks Fandom

Kathleen White is a regular contributor to Lee Callahan’s Sunday Show. She is also a writer and English professor at Bellevue College. On the morning of the biggest day of the year for Seattle, Kathleen ponders […]


Father Christmas takes a well-earned tea break at Lewis's department store in Lancashire, 19th December 1936. (Photo by Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Kathleen White’s Audio Essay: Enjoy Those Holiday Pleasures

Kathleen White is a writer and teaches at Bellevue College. She is also a regular contributor to Lee Callahan’s Sunday Show heard on Jack FM every Sunday at 7am, for God’s sake. Please do listen […]


NW Access With Lee Callahan

Sundays at 7am Bellevue  College English Professor and Regular Contributor Kathleen White with a homage to movie star Jane Russell who passed away last week.


A Solution for the New Depression

Sundays at 7am Regular contributor and Bellevue College Professor Kathleen White talks about The New Depression and a solution: