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Behind The Scenes: R.I.P.D. [Video]

Critics are panning this new Jeff Bridges film… WHAT? But it’s about Zombie-hunting cops, for God’s sake, and we repeat, Jeff Bridges is in it. And Ryan Reynolds is always entertaining. Anyway, watch ‘em make the […]



Jeff Bridges Plays Tonight: Talks To Callahan About Being ‘The Dude’

Jeff Bridges And The Abiders come to The Moore Theater on April 5th: Tickets Here After winning the Oscar for Crazy Heart in the role of Bad Blake, he’s got a 2012 self-titled album showing […]


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Jack To Interview THE DUDE- What Do YOU Want To Ask Jeff Bridges?

The Dude, Bad Blake, Rooster Cogburn…  is coming to Seattle in April to perform as Jeff Bridges and The Abiders, much like the music you heard in Crazy Heart. Callahan will interview him on Wednesday, […]


Trailer: True Grit

A tough U.S. Marshal helps a stubborn young woman track down her father’s murderer.


Jeff Bridges Digitally De-Aged For “Tron 2″

61-year-old actor Jeff Bridges plays Kevin Flynn in “Tron: Legacy.” He plays Flynn at about 61, and he plays a computerized avatar called “Clu,” who hasn’t aged since around the time he was first created […]



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