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See A Teenage Dave Grohl On The Drums In 1985 [Video iFull]

This is video of the first gig for Dain Bramage at the Burke Community Center in Burke VA.


Is this rain EVER going to end?  (Photo credit should read ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP/GettyImages)

What Do Bill Murray, Rain And A Giant Tarp All Have In Common? [Video iFull}

Answer: The New York Yankees farm team, he Charleston River Dogs.  During a rain delay, Murray decided to entertain the crowd in his own way.


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Tom Cruise Sings In Rock Of Ages [Video iFull]

Rock Of Ages is based on the hit broadway musical, and this Friday it rocks into theaters with…


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What It Took To Make A Star Trek Planet Fly By In 1982 [Video iFull]

It doesn’t really seem like much these days, but in 1982 it was a big CG achievement led by Lucas Film.


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Taking You Way, Way Back To 1976 [Video iFull]

I’m not talking ’bout moving in, and I don’t want to change your life.


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Behind The Scenes Of A Very Cool Steady Cam Shot From Hugo [Video iFull]

If you have ever wondered how they get that long shot, now you can see how it’s done.


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My Little Pony’s Version Of The Avengers [Video iFull]

Take some cute and cuddly ponies, and make them the most awesome super heroes of the galaxy.


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New Footage From The Dark Knight Rises [Video iFull]

Bruce Wayne is back, and ready to take on a few good criminals.


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Ridley Scott And Company Explain Blade Runner In 1982 [Video iFull]

With Prometheus about to be released, here is a look back at Ridley Scott and Douglas Trumbull explaining Blade Runner before it’s release in 1982.  It’s weird to hear them talk about the issues of […]


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Behold The Awesomeness That Is Prometheus [Video iFull]

If you are Ridley Scott, and you are going to design a space ship, why not make it as bad ass as possible?