jack seattle

Ahh, Space. No Gravity, Better Smelling Roses?

In their latest round of experiments, NASA  tested the scent of roses and whether or not it differed from earth to space. Results showed that the roses actually made fewer oils while in space. They also […]


Anyone Care For A Swim? We’ll Take a Pass…

Check out this video of nearly THREE HUNDRED gators all feeding in a swamp in Georgia. A Georgia fisherman caught it on tape, scientists say that this kind of feeding is unusual as it happens only every […]


Bear Goes For A Joy Ride

  A  bear in Colorado went for a wild ride in a Toyota Corolla earlier this week. Similar to many other complaints regarding the vehicle his paw barely brushed the pedal and it continued to accelerate. (okay we’re […]


Infamous Sex Pistols gig 34 years on

Thirty-four years ago today rock music changed forever. In a tiny hall in Manchester, England’s former industrial powerhouse, the Sex Pistols exploded onto the stage in front of fewer than forty people – or did […]


Stones to re-issue “Exile”

 ‘Exile on Main Street’, the Rolling Stones’ classic 1972 album, is set to be reissued with an additional 10 previously unheard tracks. (May 17 – next Tuesday)  Mick Jagger said he unearthed the tracks for […]