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It’s Been Real Wakamatsu

  It’s official. The Seattle Mariners have fired Manager Don Wakamatsu.   Bench coach Ty Van Burkleo, pitching coach Rick Adair and performance coach Steve Hecht were also fired Monday by the Mariners, who are 42-70 […]


Woman Calls 911 Looking For A Date

And we thought we got desperate sometimes…Apparently, a 43-year-old Ohio Woman was really in dire need of some lovin. The woman  is reported to have been extremely intoxicated and dialed 911 at least five times asking for […]


Clowning Around At Ringling Brothers Tryouts

No big shoes, funny noses or white face paint were to be found at the Ringling Brother Tryouts. Instead, they focused on the inner clown. “You can teach people to juggle, you can teach them […]


Old Spice Guy Lands A Role In Movie With Jennifer Aniston!

Well alright Mustafa! This guy is everywhere you look these days and now he’s going to be sharing the screen with Jennifer Aniston in upcoming flick Horrible Bosses.  “It’s a smaller role, but who wouldn’t want […]


New Study Shows Lucky Charms Do Really Work!

Next time you start to doubt your lucky charm, think of this. In a German study, volunteers gave researchers their good luck charms. Only half the participants were given them back while playing a computer […]


This Tongue Can Show You The World!

Well here’s a new one for ya, Geographic Tongues. Geographic tongue is a completely benign condition that leaves patterns and shapes on ones tongues in whitish and red colors often in the shape of geographic landmarks.  Even though […]


Survivor’s New Component: Age

We like the sound of this! This season, Survivor is putting a new twist on the show, the two teams will be divided between those 30 and younger and those 40+. We’re excited to watch youth […]


Ahh, Space. No Gravity, Better Smelling Roses?

In their latest round of experiments, NASA  tested the scent of roses and whether or not it differed from earth to space. Results showed that the roses actually made fewer oils while in space. They also […]


Anyone Care For A Swim? We’ll Take a Pass…

Check out this video of nearly THREE HUNDRED gators all feeding in a swamp in Georgia. A Georgia fisherman caught it on tape, scientists say that this kind of feeding is unusual as it happens only every […]


Bear Goes For A Joy Ride

  A  bear in Colorado went for a wild ride in a Toyota Corolla earlier this week. Similar to many other complaints regarding the vehicle his paw barely brushed the pedal and it continued to accelerate. (okay we’re […]